Alex Burke M.S., CFP®

Financial Advisor
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Alexander Burke, M.S., CFP® has over a decade of experience in the financial industry and currently manages over $110,000,000 for approximately 140 clients and their families. Alex is a fee-only advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Comission. As a fee-only advisor, one hundred percent of Alex’s compensation comes directly from his clients, for either managing money or providing financial advice. Alex does not receive commissions, sales charges, or finder’s fees from any outside sources or financial companies.

With a background in astronomy and astrophysics, Alex’s interdisciplinary knowledge includes the statistical fundamentals and research methods necessary to make informed, logical investment decisions. As a former teacher at San Diego State University, Alex uses his communications skills to clarify, quantify, and address client’s questions and concerns.

Alex provides expertise in investment analysis and specializes in tailoring portfolios to take advantage of potential market opportunities while mitigating potential risks. With a minimum investment of $500,000, Alex adapts each portfolio to his client’s needs: conservative portfolios will have a higher percentage of fixed income investments, while more growth-oriented portfolios will have a higher percentage of equity investments. Portfolios may consist of a variety of different securities, including: institutional funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and individual stocks and bonds. Alex is committed to promoting the concept of socially responsible and sustainable investing, and designs portfolios which utilize these concepts when applicable.

Alex earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College and his Masters in Science from San Diego State University. He completed the Boston University Program for Financial Planning and earned his CFP ® in 2014.